About us


Cedars Restaurant and Equipment, LLC (Cedars USA), is the USA subsidiary of its parent company—Cedars International (Nanchang) Limited Company (Cedars Nanchang), a Chinese company, which was organized and registered with the Chinese government in 2007.

Cedars Nanchang, over its first 11 years of operations, built a substantial auto parts sourcing services business—distributing auto parts to countries all around the world. In 2017, Cedars Nanchang determined to diversify (outside of the automobile industry) its product sourcing offerings by selling commercial-grade, stainless-steel kitchen equipment and other commercial-retail-application furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). This decision was made proactively and defensively: in order to preserve and build-upon its rapid growth as a sourcing business, but also to bring industry and economic diversity. Cedars believes kitchen equipment and FF&E sales seamlessly leverage the Company’s core strengths and will blossom into a worldwide business of its own.

To that end, Cedars Nanchang took a strategic first-step in 2018, by purchasing Cedars Restaurant and Equipment Group, LLC (originally known as Oklahoma Pizzerias, LLC), which owns 2 Simple Simon’s Pizza Restaurants and 1 Cheezie’s Pizza Restaurant, located in close proximity to Tulsa, OK—Cedars’ strategic location for launching its restaurant equipment sales. Cedars USA has also obtained the franchise rights to open Oklahoma’s first Big Whiskey’s franchise.

The primarily business strategy is to establish credibility with potential kitchen equipment customers in the restaurant market by operating the pizza restaurants (as well as other future restaurants that fit within different restaurant market sectors) using exclusively equipment sourced by Cedars from China. The restaurant aspect of the business will continue to grow and remain an important part of Cedars USA’s growth, but the Company’s greater purpose lies in the utilization of its credible and relationship-based distribution strategy for restaurant equipment sales.

Cedars offers all categories and sizes of commercial restaurant kitchen equipment. If interested, call and set up a time to see our equipment functioning in our restaurants. We know you’ll be impressed with the quality and our cost-reduced sales prices.