China Automotive Export Database Monthly (with Spec)

Export Database (with Spec) is a more detailed version of the China Automotive Export Database (with Brand), sorted out on a monthly basis by professional analysis of Customs data. It is essential for strategic decision for overseas importers and distributors of Chinese brands.

The database contains 23 items with detailed information to know which company or brand exports what type of vehicles to which countries at what prices and by how many units. Highlighted data include CBU/KD form, model name, engine size, AT/MT, vehicle specification, trade term, etc.

a) Export Date: 2013.2.6.

b) HS Code: 87042100.

This is customs’ 8-digit harmonized system code.

c) Ext Code: 00.

This is customs’ 2-digit extended code.

d) Vehicle Type: Other Diesel Light Truck, GVW≤5t.

From here you can know the type, vehicle weight or displacement range.

e) Category: Truck.

    The other categories of the column: Passenger, SUV, Commercial, Bus, Truck etc. And Cedars can also customize it in our clients' way of vehicles classification.

f) CBU or KD: CBU.

CBU stands for completely built unit and KD for knocked-down.

g) Group: JAC.

h) Brand: JAC.

i) Model: -.

Models of some passenger, SUV and commercial vehicles are available.

j) Vehicle Description: Truck.

k) Engine: -.

Engine sizes of some passenger, SUV and commercial vehicles are available.

l) AT/MT: -.

Transmission types of some passenger vehicles are available.

m) STD/*: -.

Specific editions/versions of some passenger vehicle models are available.

n) Vehicle Specification: Diesel|GVW 4740KGS/unit|JAC|HFC1035K etc.

From here the client can know the vehicle’s fuel type, weight, model code, etc.

o) Maker: Anhui JAC Automotive Co., Ltd.

p) Exporter: Anhui JAC Automotive Co., Ltd.

q) Trade Term: FOB.

Trade terms include FOB, CIF, C&F, C&I, etc.

r) Unit Price (USD): 12,212.

The client can potentially negotiate a reasonable FOB price with the exporter based on this data.

s) Quantity (Units): 500.

An effective tool for analyzing a brand’s export performance against its competitors.

t) Amount (USD FOB): 4,600,000.

Export amount=quantity*unit price.

u) Destination Country: Oman.

v) Global Region: Middle East.

The other regions of this column include: Africa, Asia (excluding Middle East), Oceania, South America, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, European Union, Europe (Others), etc.

w) Plant City/Area: Anhui Hefei Others.

You can know where the exporting vehicle was produced.