China Automotive Price Report

Price Report analyzes the differences of MSRP and equipment-adjusted price of passenger vehicles sold in China. This critical information is important for distributors to understand not only the product positioning but also price competition movement of the brands they represent.

Answers to below questions:

1. What is the positioning of selected model in China?

2. What is the exact MSRP in China for the selected model?

3. How about the competing models?

4. What is the sales performance of this model and its rivals?

5. What is the configuration?

6. What should be the reasonable FOB price?


Main Content

  1. Sheet 1: Executive Summary

    i. Brand & Model. The report includes at least 5 competitors normally. The report can add or adjust to specified brand/model according to clients' need.

    ii. MSRP in China Market (CNY+USD), before value adjustment and afterwards.

    iii. Estimated FOB USD, based on cost associated with exportation from China. (cost includes VAT, consumption tax, China dealer margin, Chinese market overhead, Export variable cost and other costs).

    iv. Sales figures.

  2. Configuration Details and Value Adjustment.


    i. Customize models.

    ii. 360°comparisons. At least five competitor models from Europe, America, Korea, Japan & China.

    iii. ‘Apple to Apple’ comparisons.

    iv.Estimate reasonable FOB price.