China Automotive OEM Report

OEM Report gives a panoramic view of a Chinese automotive manufacturer, including its growth history, equity ownership, product lineup, production capacity, sales performance, financial results, R&D ability, SWOT analysis, etc.

Main Features

  1. Overview offers the OEM’s basic information e.g. founding time, number of employees, annual capacity, etc.

  2. History reviews and visualizes the OEM’s evolution.

  3. Memorabilia lists all big events, including R&D, HR, investment, new products and marketing policies of the latest two years.

  4. Share structure explains the OEM’s equity relationships with its various subsidiaries and joint ventures.

  5. Sales of the latest five years reflect the OEM’s real market performance and may indicate its future trend.

  6. Commercial vehicle sales datareflects its real performance in the domestic market, while the export datashows the exportation percentage of the total sales. Readers could easily have anidea whether the OEM keeps a healthy growth speed or not.

  7. Output capacity, when compared with the sales volume, could indicate whether the OEM has made full use of its capacity or not, which in turn could affect its financial strength.

  8. Overseas plants are a core part of the OEM’s global expansion strategy. As countries raise import tariff rates to protect their local automotive industries, Chinese brands may speed up localization by building more foreign facilities.

  9. Financial report summarizes the OEM’s recent five-year financial performance, according to which readers could find whether it is making money and improving profitability. The stock price chart shows whether Chinese investors have confidence in the stock or not.

  10. R&D ability evaluates the OEM’s technical knowhow and its product launch plan. It can predict whether the OEM would be able to maintain or improve its market position in future.

  11. SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is an all-round, professional and objective analysis of the OEM’s current status, based on CEDARS’ strong industry expertise as well as guaranteed data.

  12. 12. Comments combine the OEM’s long-term growth strategy with a brief review from CEDARS.

    Uniqueness of the Report

    Report with full information:

    Data from authoritative sources (e.g. CAAM and Customs):

    Financial results included (only for listed companies):