Code of Conduct

Cedars was founded with a vision and mission to prove that business can be done successfully, with integrity and sincerity towards everyone.

Relationship with Suppliers and Customers

Cedars will deal fairly and honestly with all customers and suppliers, with respect and integrity, in accordance with the agreement made with them.

Cedars will honor all the terms of contracts which signed between customers/suppliers and us, and we shall not violate any provision of any agreement.

Employee Business Conduct

Cedars employees will conduct themselves professionally and appropriately at all times in all company-related activities.

Cedars will not allow its employees to be involved in any strip club activity in the name of Cedars.

Cedars employees will always conduct themselves in accordance with local laws.

Fair Competition

Cedars believes in and honors free and fair business competition. Cedars competes vigorously, but ethically and legally.

Cedars will not lie to its customers, competitors or anyone else.

Cedars will not make subjective statements about a competitor’s products or services.


Cedars will not involve itself in bribery in any of its business dealings.

Cedars will not give a cash payment (or the equivalent) to influence someone’s conscience on a governmental decision or a commercial purchasing decision.

Cedars may treat its customers to meals and entertainment or send a small gift to make the relationship friendly, but never to the extent that may affect the objective judgment or conscience.

Cedars will act in the best interest of its business partners and its shareholders.

Trade Control

Cedars will conduct its business in compliance with all applicable customs, and import and export control.