China Agent

With China Agent, Cedars serves as the client's virtual office for doing business in China

Main Contents:

1. Intelligence of Chinese auto industry & brands.

2. Obtaining brands for distribution and maintaining relationships.

3. Sourcing from China.

1. Intelligence of Chinese auto industry & brands

   1.1. Intelligence – Hardware

       1.1.1 China Automotive Export Database Monthly (with Brand)

       1.1.2 China Automotive Sales Database Monthly

       1.1.3 China Automotive MSRP Database

       1.1.4 China Automotive News Weekly

       1.1.5 China Automotive Industry Report Quarterly

       1.1.6 China Automotive Price Report (as per request)

       1.1.7 China Automotive OEM Report (as per request)

       1.1.8 Chinese Brand Assessment Report

       1.1.9 Chinese Automotive Industry Yearbook

Note: Excluding China Automotive Export Database (with Spec).

   1.2. Intelligence – Software

        1.2.1 Q&A for ANY related topics

        1.2.2 Search & research for ANY Chinese automotive company

        1.2.3 Verification of general info. about a company or subject

        1.2.4 Advice and assistance for negotiation

        1.2.5 Insight on Chinese business culture

Note: Extra cost may occur when extra data and information must be purchased for the above ‘software’, after the client's approval.

2. Obtaining brands and maintaining relationships

   2.1. Advices for business plan

   2.2. Assistance in daily communication (when needed)

   2.3. Travel arrangement within China

   2.4. Assistance in meeting and negotiation

   2.5. Translations (Chinese/English)

   2.6. Attending conference on behalf of the client

   2.7. Pre-shipment Inspection

3. Sourcing from China

   3.1. Supplier Identification

         3.1.1 Supplier search (sales database/ranking)

         3.1.2 Supplier research (background checking)

         3.1.3 Preliminary recommendation (short list)

         3.1.4 Plant visit (onsite assessment, sample taking)

         3.1.5 Study report & suggestions

         3.1.6 Official decision

   3.2. Order Processing

         3.2.1 Negotiation

         3.2.2 Signing Contracts

         3.2.3 Pre-shipment inspection

  3.3. 100% Transparency in communication and cost.